Anti-Mold Desiccants

Description: The anti-mold desiccant is made from herbal biotech anti-mold agent plus a substrate of silica gel desiccating agent by our unique process.

Major ingredients: Garlic, grape seed oil, citronella, sunflower, pepper – – – etc., various plant extraction and substrate of silica gel.

Functions: Excellent mold and mildew prevention, germ proofing and moisture absorption concurrently.

1. The conventional desiccants can simply dehumidify without destroying molds and various bacteria, whereas our anti-mold desiccants are formulated with biotech anti-mold agents that dehumidify and safely destroy molds and bacteria at the same time.
2. The anti-mold agents volatilize and completely cover the protected objects in the packaging environment, inhibiting or eradicating the growth of mold, bacteria and some pests. Our anti-mold agent is made from multiple, natural herbal ingredients derived from various plants using biotechnology, It is not conventional chemically refined compounds of mold inhibitor, bactericide, pesticide or antiseptic; thus, it is nontoxic, safe and environmental friendly.
3. This innovative product provides the multiple functions of dehumidifying, preventing mold and bacteria suppressing concurrently; furthermore it is safe and harmless to the user and environment.

Application: Leatherwear, shoes, woodenware, garments, electronics, optical devices, machinery & hardware, foodstuffs, freight, military instruments & armaments, and etc.

Specifications: Packaging available: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 grams. Custom sizes are also available on request.

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