Herbal Anti-Mold Agents

Herbal Extraction
M-BUSTER Anti-Mold Agents

An excellent anti-mold agent made from multiple, natural ingredients derived from plants using biotechnology. It is produced as oil essence and packaged in various volumes to suit different applications in various industries.

Major ingredients: Garlic, grape seed oil, citronella, sunflower, pepper, — etc., plus various essences of natural plants.

1. The anti-mold agents volatilize and cover the protected objects in the packaging environment, inhibiting or eradicating the growth of mold, bacteria and some pests. There is no mixing or contact with the protected objects, thus is clean and leaves no residues of the agent on the protected objects and later user.
2. Extracted essences of natural plants are nontoxic, healthy and not harmful to humans.
3. Not conventional chemically refined compounds of mold inhibitor, bactericide, pesticide, antiseptic; safe and environmental friendly.

Applicable industries: leatherwear, electronics, machinery & hardware ,woodenware, freight, foodstuffs, agricultural, pharmaceutical, military instruments, art & antique products and a various variety of manufacturing industries.

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