Recently there have been some counterfeit ADKING® products on the market. These counterfeits have been sold illegally and they violate trademark and patent laws. The use of these counterfeits could harm consumers as well as damage your goods, such as footwear and garments. Furthermore, these behaviors have seriously infringed our intellectual property rights.

We have taken some measures for anti-counterfeiting and are updating these measures on a regular basis. Authorized auditors of buyers are welcome to contact us for details. For buyers who needs further counterfeit checking on the ADKING® that their factory has purchased, please check with our account manager or consult with us.

The factories should be very clear that the use of any counterfeit products, regardless of the quantity, is a violation of local and international law. To avoid counterfeit products, please purchase ADKING® Strips from Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd or from our authorized account managers and distributors only.