The ADKING series of anti-mold agents produced by Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd are made from numerous natural plant extracts together with various special herbal essences, they are uniquely extracted and fermented using biotechnology and then blended with multiple herbal essential oils to produce our anti-mold agents. Natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, they are superior to conventional chemically refined compounds.

The ADKING series of Anti-Mold Desiccants are made from anti-mold preparations plus a desiccant agent by a unique process. With this innovative technique, we have created our patented “ Bacteria Suppressing Preserver ”. Products from Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd are completely different from conventional desiccants and oxygen adsorbents where desiccants simply dehumidify without the capability of destroying molds. Furthermore oxygen adsorbents do not affect anaerobic bacteria and facultative anaerobic bacteria, hence conventional desiccants and oxygen adsorbents do not eradicate mold whereas our ADKING series of anti-mold desiccants are able to dehumidify and safely destroy molds (mildews) and bacteria without harm to consumers or the environment. Therefore these excellent products provide the multiple functions of dehumidifying, preventing mold, bacteria suppressing and maintaining freshness concurrently.

Product Category

1. Anti-Mold-Chip

2. Anti-Mold Desiccants

3. Herbal Anti-Mold Agents

4. Anti-Mold Sheets

5. Daily Commodities

6. More Products

For some application the storage bag, container or space must be maintained air-tight to ensure preservative effectiveness.
ADK, short of ADKING, is a registered trade mark of the Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd.