Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd is specialized in the research/development and manufacture of anti-mold products. On the basis of non-toxic, healthy and environmental protection principles, Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of herbal, non-toxic, anti-mold preparations.

Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd was engaged in the field of research of biotechnological anti-mold/mildew in 2005. So far we have developed a series of anti-mold products such as: anti-mold agent, anti-mold chip/sticker, anti-mold desiccant and anti-mold deodorant, which are suitable for mold and mildew prevention in the leatherwear, shoes, garments, woodenware, electronics, machinery & hardware, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, freight, optical devices, military instruments, art & antique products and a various variety of manufacturing industries. We also obtained local and various countries’patent with our product.

Innovation, Quality and Service are the philosophy and goals of the Romeway Industrial Co.,Ltd. And all employees are fully committed to this vision so as to meet the needs of our clients and the ever changing global market.